It's time.

Our nation is divided by hyper-partisan politics. Our political conversation has become toxic and unproductive, and has veered far away from where many of us stand on issues that affect us every day. It’s time to move past the anger, division, and blame, and find ways way to move forward together.

Based on a (free to download) e-book by Howard Konar, Common Ground Solutions has big goals: to increase civic engagement; improve the quality of political discourse; highlight real-world stories of people working together across political lines; and forge moderate, commonsense solutions to our biggest challenges.

We believe that the power to govern is not a prize to be won, but a responsibility to be used wisely and preserved for generations to come. The first step toward fulfilling that responsibility is finding common ground.

Common Ground Solutions is a work in progress, and will only succeed with your thoughts, ideas, and energy. When you learn about a worthwhile initiative, come across a useful resource, or read an important article, we want to hear about it! For now, the best way to reach us directly is by sending a message via Facebook.